RisingStars (Girls Program)

This class is offered to girls from 1st grade and up. This class consists of Basic (Bronze), Intermediate (Silver) and Advanced (Gold) levels of achievement. RisingStars will be divided into groups according to their age and skill levels. The RisingStars will be evaluated every 8 weeks by instructor. Parents will be given a report of skills and achievements on each event. Through gymnastics, girls will develop many useful skills and abilities not just in this sport, but in many other activities. It is an exciting way to keep girls healthy and happy all year around.

All of our classes are structured and designed with an abundance of activities (music, games, races and more) and gymnastics skills on each event (beam, floor, bars and vault). Parents will have an option to sign up for one class a week or for 2 classes a week for a discounted price, or 10% off regular tuition price Your RisingStars gymnast will learn real gymnastics routines and have an opportunity to perform in our In-House meets.

Multiple classes and sibling’s discounts.

On the beginner level our instructors will teach and introduce to athletes the most important (basic) skills, which will help them to move to the next exciting level of gymnastics skills. RisingStars Bronze will focus on strength and flexibility, learning basic body positions: tuck, pike and straddle stretching with the correct form. Right/left/middle splits. Two/one-hand bridge and rocking/shifting bridge.

Floor: Forward rolls, handstand, and cartwheels. Straight/Tuck/Split jumps and Pirouettes’.

Beam: Forward/backwards and side walks with different arm positions. Releve’ walks, balance on one foot, scales, kicks. Hand support in tuck/pike/straddle positions. Basic, but beautiful, mount and dismount.

Bars: Front support and front hip circle. Hanging tuck/pike/straddle holds. Legs lifts, chin-ups. Proper swinging and casting technique.

Vault: Springboard and sprinting drills. Handstand to roll, using trampoline and proper mats. Straight/tuck jump on the mat, stick, safe landing.

Classes will focus on the continued progression of all skills from Bronze level class, and learn new exciting skills.

Floor: Backbend, Handstand/bridge/kick over. Straddle/leap jumps. One foot pirouettes. Two/one hand cartwheel. Running cartwheel. Round-off drills and proper technique, using mats. Introduction and preparation for back handspring.

Beam: Connection and mixing different walks, straight/tuck jumps. Low beam handstand and low beam cartwheel. Side handstand dismount. Dance moves and a champion finish of the skill.

Bars: Glide swings, chin-up pullover and back hip circles to a minimal spot. Tuck/straddle on-fly away.

Vault: Running springboard techniques. Run/punch/straight jump/ stick-up to the mat. Handstand to flat-back and front flips, using trampoline and foam pit. Introduction to the vaulting table.

The athletes will continue to progress on all skills from previous levels. Gymnastics is a sport of repetition, and learning to build onto current skills.

Floor: Back/front walkover, handstand-roll, standing back handspring, running round-off, round-off back handspring connected, back/front tuck to the pit and soft mat, leaps and jumps.

Beam: Handstand on high beam, split/straight jumps connected, leap jump, pirouette on two and one foot, side handstand dismount, cartwheel on high beam with a minimum spot.

Bars: Chin-up pullover, cast back hip circle, leg shoot through, fly away stick landing.

Vault: Front handspring with finish on your back to the mat.